Allenby Gardens Primary SchoolAllenby Gardens Primary School

About Us

sky view of the schoolAllenby Gardens Primary is a well-equipped Reception to Year 7 School incorporating a Pre-school as well as before and after school hours program (OSHC). Our student enrolment is currently 441 students and 60 in the Pre-school. It is not expected that student numbers will decrease for some years as a result of urban renewal and new housing developments nearby. Our school is located in a small, cohesive inner western suburban district. It is highly valued by the parents who come from diverse cultures and socio-economic backgrounds.

 Education in the district began in 1926, with the opening of Welland Primary School. Later, the name was changed to Allenby Gardens Primary.

School colours are navy and gold and all students are encouraged to wear dress code, including a sun-smart hat. Students are involved with Greek as the Languages component of their Learning Areas.

Allenby Gardens Primary School (AGPS) is a caring, happy, friendly and educationally successful school.

All families are welcome to become active members of our school community. Research shows that parents who become partners in their child's education are more satisfied with the learning achieved.

The many visitors who have passed through our school have noticed and remarked on the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of our School.

As a community we feel this is very important, as we believe our children learn best when they are happy, content and feel safe and valued. Our school is thus an effective working and learning environment for both students and staff.

We trust that your family's association with the school will be a happy one.

Vision Statement

In partnership with the community, Allenby Gardens Primary School strives to empower all learners to achieve excellence, and develop the skills, knowledge and dispositions to embrace future challenges.

"Our school, our community, our future."



A belief in yourself and your abilities.


Being fair and truthful.


Striving for the highest personal achievement in all aspects of life.


Having good judgement and the ability to make decisions on your own