Allenby Gardens Primary SchoolAllenby Gardens Primary School

Staff and Students

Teaching staff

Name Position Year Level/Subject
Yunni Seindanis Principal  
El Mastrangelo Deputy  
Judi Hunt Assistant Principal  
Margy Holland Curriculum Coordinator  
Daniella Camporeale Teacher Year 6/7
Branka Bertok Teacher Year 6/7
Trina Barwa Teacher Year 6/7 (M, T, W, Th)
Adam Partridge Teacher Year 6/7, (F)
George Koufalas Teacher Year 5/6
Themi Zacharia Teacher Year 5
Cheri Conlon Teacher Year 5
Fiona Holland Teacher Year 4 (T, W, Th, F)
Keaton Thomas Teacher Year 4 (M, W, Th, F)
PE (4-7 T)
Dorinda Donoghue Teacher Year 3
Julie Williams Teacher Year 4 (T, F)
Sue Dimitriou Teacher Year 3
Madaline Petineris Teacher Year 3 (W, Th, F)
Jenni Kastanos Teacher Year 3 (M, T)
Annette Wilson Teacher Year 2
Sandrine Desribes Teacher Year 1 (M, T, W Th)
Claudia Tripodi Teacher Year 1 (F)
Madaline Petineris Teacher Year 3 (Th, F)
Greek (4-7 T)
Ashleigh Denton Teacher Year 1
Julie Reynolds-Verco Teacher Year 2 (M, T, W)
Rosa Hatzis Teacher Year 2 (Th, F)
Cat Dutch Teacher Reception
Mary-Alice Williams Teacher Year 1
Melissa Guerra Teacher Reception
Michelle Harris Teacher Reception
Justine Geldard Teacher Arts JP (T)
Rhyllis Bignell Teacher Library (AM M, T, PM W, AM Th)
John Ligias Teacher Greek (JP M, T, W)
Reena Brinias Teacher PE (W, F)
Robin Davis Teacher  Arts (W, Th, F)
Monika Pertsinidis Teacher EALD (M, T, W, Th)
Jo McWhirter Teacher Special Ed
Ali Henderson Teacher Science JP (Th, F)
Michelle Harous Teacher Science UP

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Pre-School Staff

Name Position
Judi Hunt Assistant Principal
Christina Momesso Preschool staff (M, T, Th)
Shane Cosenza Preschool staff (M, T, W, Th)
Monique Stephenson SSO
Zoi Giannikopoulos SSO

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Support staff

Name Position
Belinda Twynstra Executive Assistant/Enrollment Officer
Maggie Fiddian Communications Officer/ICT support
Kaye Young School Services Officer
Tina Nikou Finance Manager
Rosie Thomson School Services Officer/Community Liaison
Rebecca Potter Canteen
Bill Sotiras ICT Technician
Rosemary Bryce Front Office/Finance
Tiffany Andrews School Services Officer
Vicki Coard School Services Officer
Bek Coombe School Services Officer
Megan Hynes School Services Officer
Morgan Kennedy School Services Officer
George Platanitis School Services Officer
Nicole Cagney School Services Officer
Eddy Kane Groundsman
Angela Tigani Canteen
  Pastoral Support Worker

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OSHC Staff

Name Position
Carol Sheehan Director
George Platanitis Staff
Helen Hignett Casual Staff
Elena Zotti Casual Staff
Dylan Butler Casual Staff
Emily Fiorenti Casual Staff
Mark Stamenkovic Casual Staff
The Nguyen Casual Staff

School Captains

Daniela Uzelac & Riley Browne
Vice Captains
Harshini Rajasekaran and Aiden Shea

House Captains

Heysen Captains (Green)
Danila Balaban and Jonah Sydenham-Cheer
Vice Captains
Ailsa Rogers and Amir Jahic
Mawson Captains (Blue)
Grace Corso and Matthew Barone
Vice Captains
Natasha Tepavcevic and Emily Raggett
Longmore Captains (Yellow)
Sophie Evans and Arshman Sharma
Vice Captains
Emily Brewer and Spencer Wood
Spence Captains (Red)
Krissy McColl and O'Shea Birt
Vice Captains
Lettie Williams and Emma Selwyn-Shore


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